Prentice Orthodontics wants to make your treatment experience as smooth as possible. Your comfort is our priority — from consultation to installation to maintenance to aftercare. That is why we have many informative resources to answer your questions and help guide your decisions outside of consulting with Dr. Prentice.

In our resources section, you will find pages detailing what to expect during your initial consultation, what types of tools we use, how to maintain your oral hygiene during treatment, what foods you should avoid during treatment and what common problems you may encounter during treatment.

We also have an emergency information section, as well as an insurance and payment page. Please see our Blog section to get fresh educational materials and updates. You can also answer questions using our FAQ section, which we update regularly.

All of these pages are meant to be educational. If you have a pressing question or emergency situation, please Contact Us right away.


What Should You Expect During Your First Visit?

Your first visit includes a complimentary consultation with a full evaluation exam, including recommendations and diagnoses. Dr. Prentice reviews each individual case and determines your needs. She gives you an explanation of recommended treatments, estimates of cost and time needed, as well as all the treatment options available to you. We only prescribe what is absolutely necessary and implement only what you are comfortable doing. Our practice coordinator, Manny, will assist you in the next steps of arranging finances and insurance. Our team will be with you during each step of the process to make sure you fully understand the goals of your treatment plan.

Receive Treatment With The Most Advanced Technology

We use a digital image scanner to create a perfect model of your mouth. We can even show you a digitally rendered “before” and “after” image of what your mouth will look like after treatment. Seeing the end result will make it easier to stick with the treatment plan. Imaging and scans through the iTero Intraoral scanner allow for more comprehensive and precise imaging. The iTero Intraoral scanner makes impressions more comfortable and also offers the ability to view a simulation of your specific treatment outcome. Learn more about the iTero scanner and how it revolutionizes orthodontic care.

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Maintaining Oral Hygiene During Treatment

It is important to keep your teeth clean and plaque free during treatment. If flossing or brushing with appliances on is causing you problems, follow our Brushing and Flossing Guide. Just brush and floss thoroughly as you normally would, but work to get food and plaque cleared from the gaps of your appliances. We recommend you brush up to four times per day. Floss both your braces and teeth before bed. Replace brushes when they wear out. Try using fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash for better results. As for removable appliances, soak and wash them to remove unwanted buildup. After installation, Dr. Prentice will provide detailed care instructions for you or your child. They’re easy enough for a child to understand — and all of them do!  See our FAQ and blog for more information.


What Foods to Avoid

Changing your diet to accommodate braces or other appliances is tough. But trust us: hard, sticky and sugary foods like candy and chips can cause major problems. Not only will such foods get caught in your appliances and become hard to remove, but these foods can cause more harmful plaque and bacteria that lead to gum disease. Brush and floss thoroughly to get rid of any buildup. Use mouthwash, fluoride toothpaste and water to help wash these foods away.

Common Problems

Orthodontic treatment is relatively issue-free. The biggest concerns come in the form of discomfort due to pressure and shifting teeth. Typically, this discomfort subsides very quickly. If you are experiencing pain or something seems wrong, please notify Dr. Prentice and our staff will help you.

Emergency Information

Please call 911 or contact your doctor if you are experiencing a medical emergency or abnormal symptoms associated with your treatment. For general discomfort or a broken appliance, please call our contact line within normal business hours for help. We can set up an emergency appointment to fix your issue.

Insurance and Payment Options

We offer free consultations and flexible payment plants on your schedule to fit your financial needs. We work hard to get you the most out of your insurance, plus we offer different payment options to meet your needs. Dental insurance typically covers part of your treatment costs. Most providers have orthodontic benefits different from normal insurance. But policies do vary. We understand insurance can be complex and cause you anxiety. Please reach out to your employer, provider or Prentice Orthodontics to get insurance and payment help today.


That’s right, we have a blog. But it’s not all about us. We’ve filled it with informative and educational articles meant to help you. You can fix problems and guide your decisions by reading the material and consulting with Dr. Prentice. Have an idea for a blog? Don’t see what you’re looking for? Reach out now.


We’re happy to have a regularly updated FAQ section that can answer your questions, right now. Head here to see a list of facts, answers and questions about Prentice Orthodontics, orthodontic treatment and common problems. Don’t see your fact, question or answer? Talk to us right away.

We Welcome Questions

Our office is welcoming and we strive to provide a high level of comfort. While visiting our office, we encourage our patients as well as family/companions of patients to ask questions and familiarize yourself with our plan so everyone can feel comfortable and prepared for each future visit. We gladly provide ample time to address your questions and needs.

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