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At Prentice Orthodontics, our office is part of the community. We serve much of Northern Colorado, including Erie. We can’t wait to create a treatment plan for you or your child. Starting with the first visit, we conduct a thorough assessment of you or your child’s current oral health, including crooked or out of place teeth, over or underbite, issues with alignment, and TMJ (temporomandibular joint). After your initial visit, your treatment plan will outline everything to expect for planning, scheduling, and costs.

Prentice Orthodontics: About Us

We have a state-of-the-art practice that features all types of advanced treatment options, like a digital scanner that shows digitized before and after pictures of your smile. Founded in 2006, we pride ourselves in helping patients see results, fast. Dr. Ricarda Prentice, along with her helpful staff, love to bring great smiles to adult and child patients. It’s part of one’s ideal self! Prentice Orthodontics is honored to know we’ve made many patients healthier and happier during our 13 years of service. Please contact us now to learn more.

We’re Different

  • Consultations don’t cost a thing
  • Treatments are advanced
  • Payment options are quick and can be made online
  • We are happy to work with insurance providers
  • We have many educational resources like a blog and FAQ
  • We are always available via voicemail, text, email or phone
  • Our office is comfy and centrally located
  • Our appointments are simple to schedule

Dr. Prentice Welcomes You

Dr. Ricarda Prentice is your best choice for an orthodontist near Erie. Dr. Ricarda spent three years working as a dentist. She also studied at the University of Alberta and Creighton University, earning a Master’s and Doctorate Degree that set her on the course of providing great treatment. She’s passionate, bringing a holistic approach to orthodonture that will fix a patient’s medical and aesthetic issues, plus their entire state of mind and well-being.  

Find your ideal self through with Dr. Ricarda today by getting a great, healthy smile.

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Our Staff

The staff of Prentice Orthodontics’ knows that a healthy smile means better overall health. See our treatment team of Registered Assistants or our office staff of customer service experts to get great results. We understand that treatment can be troublesome. That’s why we make it simple. We’ll help you, so please contact us right now.

Press About Prentice

We’ve received some great press and accolades during our 13 years of providing stellar orthodontic service. This includes the Invisalign Platinum Provider 2018 award, (2008-2015) 5280 Magazine’s Top Denver Dentist, plus Broomfield’s Talk of the Town.

Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Patients love our personalized care and positive attitude. Beyond glowing Google and Yelp reviews, we have a number of amazing testimonials from satisfied patients that you can read right here.

Choosing Your Orthodontist

Orthodontists should always be professional and timely. They must evaluate all of your issues. But great orthodontists like Dr. Ricarda work to get you the best price possible by coordinating with insurance providers. While all orthodontists are able to simply fix major oral problems, like underbite, crossbite, deep bite, open bite, crowding, spacing and protrusion, orthodontists like Dr. Ricarda understands that a healthy smile leads to your best self. That’s why she will go above and beyond. At Prentice Orthodontics, fixing your oral health issues is our top priority.

Read these 5 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing an Orthodontist.

Treatment and Services

All of the patients at Prentice Orthodontics begin their first visit with a comprehensive evaluation of their overall oral health. Starting with the gums and teeth, the exam will include assessments of alignment, bite, facial balance, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) to ensure that every issue can be corrected through the course of treatment. We know that oral procedures can be intimidating, so we make every effort to provide a welcoming and comfortable office experience, while providing state-of-the art orthodontic treatments.

Treatment Types and Options

We’re happy to provide any different type of service to suit your orthodontic needs — from early treatment as a child, to clear aligners like Invisalign as an adult. For your child, it may seem unnecessary to visit your orthodontist before they are a teenager, but sometimes children’s orthodontic issues can be addressed at an earlier age to prevent some major problems as they get older. Early treatment is a great way to stay on top of orthodontic issues and provide treatment gradually, monitoring changes over time and improving the overall structure of the mouth and alignment of teeth.

Children and Adults Patients

At Prentice Orthodontics, we welcome patients of any age, from children to adults. We offer do-able treatment options for everyone, from children to teens to adults. For the younger patients, we have early treatment plans which can eliminate or correct underlying issues before they become bigger problems as well as have more time for preparation of later treatment. Some children do not require early treatment but will require Phase II, early adolescent treatment. This is the typical time for patients to get braces or begin more major corrective treatments. As an adult, you may not think that correction is possible or would be too daunting of an undertaking, but with developments like Invisalign, a perfect smile might be closer to achieving than you know.

The First Visit

Our office is welcoming, comfortable, and provides state-of-the-art orthodontic treatments With all of our new patients, we encourage asking questions to help you understand the process of treatment and gain a clearer idea of expectations during your first visit. Dr. Prentice encourages patients to ask questions and review some of the resources we provide to help make you feel more confident in our approach to your care, including common problems you may encounter, how to best clean and care for your teeth, as well as some foods to avoid while undergoing treatment. By becoming aware of these resources, you can be better prepared and know what to expect from your treatment plan.

Let Our Team Be Your Guide

Dr. Prentice and her team are here to answer your questions and guide you through the process from start to finish. We are dedicated to providing the best possible care and treatment for you or your child. Get started today by filling out our appointment request, or contact us now with questions!


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