After your braces are removed, the work does not quite stop there. At this point, you enter the retention stage of your treatment plan. This phase involves a process with a minimum duration of 24 months to ensure proper placement and a routine of care is established. The last steps of your orthodontic work involves your retainers, and close attention to the care of your teeth and wearing retainers to ensure your months of work with braces lasts as it should. 

Routine Care During Retention

Your retainers are key to ensuring your smile stays as you intend it to – and making sure you follow the right process of routine care throughout the retention phase means that you are always removing your retainers before you brush your teeth and thoroughly brushing you retainers themselves in that process as well.  

How Do Your Teeth Shift Over Time?

Many factors contribute to your teeth and jaw moving over time – and some are simply habits like chewing on straws or pens, grinding your teeth when you sleep, or anything that can apply more pressure to certain areas of your mouth. Often, these small shifts can make a big change in the way your smile appears or feels, so it is integral to keep up with wearing and maintaining your retainers.

Retainers Help Keep Alignment Over Time

Retention involves a total commitment to keeping your smile healthy – as growth and movement can continue over time and removable or permanent retainers can address that issue with normal upkeep and routine maintenance. 

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