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What to Ask Your Broomfield Orthodontist if You Need Services For Your Teen

February 14, 2018

The prospect of bringing your teenager to an orthodontist can bring about a sense of dread. Often, a visit to your Broomfield orthodontist can evoke an image of discomfort in a person’s mind, as they think about the many painful procedures that await them.

However, this no longer has to be the case, as orthodontic care has improved dramatically over the last few years. Concerns and fears about orthodontic treatment, while certainly understandable, no longer have to be an intense and overwhelming experience. If you are considering bringing your child to an orthodontist, here are a few facts that can be of use to you as a parent.

Emotional Concerns

Clearly, one of the largest barriers to receiving treatment is the irrational fear of treatment, whether because of discomforting thoughts about treatment, the invasiveness of treatments in the past, or due to social fears from having to wear an orthodontic device for an extended period of time.

While certainly understandable, there have been a large amount of advances made in the orthodontic field that have resulted in a reduction of these concerns. Invisalign, the treatment that allows an individual to straighten their teeth using a discreet, practically invisible device. Utilizing a device that is clear and removable allows you to reassure your child that orthodontic care doesn’t need to be a gigantic burden upon their lives.

Many teenagers feel insecure and self-aware about their smile, specifically if their teeth are crooked. In the past, braces were seen as something to dread, as metal wires would need to be affixed to a person’s teeth for extended periods of time. The advent of invisalign has given parents a valuable tool in their reassurance arsenal, as they are not able to provide their children with straight teeth without the added anxiety and stress of traditional braces.

Effective and Discreet Treatments for your Teen

One of the first questions people often ask in regards to the Invisalign treatment system is: it is as effective as traditional braces. The answer to this question is a resounding yes! Evidence has shown that the Invisalign is just as effective as traditional braces in most moderate to severe cases.

If you child is experiencing issues such as an underbite, an overbite, or general overcrowding in the mouth, Invisalign is able to provide the same level of adjustment that traditional braces would offer. If you would like to make sure that this will be the most effective treatment for your child, visiting your local Broomfield orthodontist is a great starting point.
Length of Treatment and Advantages of Invisalign for Your Child

Typically, you can expect Invisalign treatment for your child to take about as long as traditional braces. It is also important to keep in mind that the length of treatment is always dependent on your child’s unique situation and treatment concerns. In order to gain the best idea of how long treatment will take for your child, it is a good idea to speak with your orthodontist to find out an estimated time for your child’s treatment schedule.

The benefits for opting for Invisalign treatment over traditional braces are many. Your child will be able to have their smile corrected without having to suffer through the inconvenience of having wires affixed to their teeth. They will be able to remove their invisalign aligners for special occasions, which may include practicing their musical instrument, or removing their aligner for their school’s formal dances.

By deciding to go with Invisalign instead of traditional braces, you will also be opting with a treatment that will require dramatically less cleaning and maintenance. With traditional braces, eating things such as popcorn can become a chore, whereas Invisalign aligners are easy to clean and are removable. Invisalign offer a system that makes brushing and flossing a breeze, and eliminates the hassle that is typically associated with teeth-straightening devices.

Affordability Concerns and Solutions

As a parent, seeking orthodontic treatment for your child can bring on an added layer of stress, as people are often afraid to find out the total cost of the treatment. However, there are a number of ways you can ensure that having your child’s smile straightened and perfected is not only attainable, but is possible without having to break the bank and drain your savings account in the process.

If your employer or dental insurance offers a health saving and flex spending account, it can be a great way to save on your child’s orthodontic care. Adjusting your health savings account for the upcoming year to account for teeth-straightening treatment for your child can be a terrific way to make the process more affordable.

Health savings accounts allow an individual to have money deducted from their paycheck every month in order to pay for medical treatment tax free. Utilizing this option can be a great way to create a 12 month payment plan from your untaxed earnings.

You can also prepare for treatment by adjusting your dental coverage to a plan that will cover more of the cost of various procedures. During open enrollment, it is a great idea to investigate the various ways you can upgrade your plan to ensure that you maximize your coverage, reducing your out of pocket cost in the process.

Additionally, if you require more time to pay your child’s orthodontic bills, negotiating a payment plan that fits your budget is a fantastic way to make treatment an affordable option for almost every situation. You can talk to your orthodontist to see if they offer any discounts for your particular circumstances, and to discuss if they have any current promotions that could also lower the total cost significantly.

If you are interested in finding out more information regarding Invisalign treatments for your child, or have any questions regarding orthodontic services, contact Prentice Orthodontics and one of our smiling associates will be happy to assist you. We look forward to serving you and providing the best care for your teeth in the new year.

Finding Room For Your Perfect Smile Through a Visit to Your Thornton Orthodontist

January 31, 2018

In life, it can be hard to find situations that allow us to have our cake and eat it too. Often, there is a give and take required, making it hard to have it both ways. In the past, a trip to your Thornton orthodontist usually meant not being able to have your cake and eat it too, as you would be required to have invasive braces installed on your teeth in order to attain the perfect smile. But this is no longer the case, as there are options available to make it possible to receive orthodontic treatment and not feel bogged down or restrained by your new oral appliance.

Invisalign is the Solution You've Been Waiting For

Previous trips to the orthodontist were intimidating and often brought a sense of dread with them, as it usually meant you would be receiving a device that would be invasive and inconvenient as a way to achieve a straighter smile. The concept of adjusting your teeth to a more correct position was not one filled with positivity, as you would have to suffer through months on end of discomfort and unease due to your mouth being full of metal.

With the advent of invisalign, this is no longer the case, as it offers the most discreet and advanced orthodontic system in the world, with advances in effectiveness far beyond that of other clear aligners. Invisalign is produced from SmartTrack material, and as a result offers the patients a more precise fit for each individual mouth.

By visiting your Thornton Orthdontist, you are able to receive treatment that is not other effective, but is also much less painful than traditional treatments. The process of maintaining proper and clean oral hygiene is much less of a chore with Invisalign, as you are able to remove your aligner when necessary. Standard braces present a much more challenging situation in regards to oral hygiene and cleanliness.

In regards to ‘having it both ways’, Invisalign procedures offer patients the ability to receive orthodontic treatment, but with a reduced need for constant orthodontic appointments. On average, you are only required to see your local orthodontist about every four to six weeks. This makes the act of receiving treatment less of a burden, and frees up your schedule for the things you need to get done.

Finding Space for your Perfect Smile

Oftentimes, teeth straightening procedures can require additional procedures beyond simple straightening. A mouth can sometimes be too crowded, and may require the removal of teeth in order to make room for your newly aligned and straightened teeth.

While this can seem intimidating and painful, orthodontists have the ability to remove a tooth through pain-free extractions. This allows a patient peace of mind, as you can rest easy knowing that even if extractions are required, you will not have to deal with excessive pain or uneasiness. By opting with an orthodontist like Prentice Orthodontics, you can feel rest assured that you are in competent and capable hands, as any extraction will be performed by an experienced and qualified practitioner.

The decision to extract a tooth is not one that you take lightly, and neither do we. We carefully examine x-rays, dental models, and jaw structure to get an accurate assessment of what treatments and procedures will be required. The last thing a person wants to have happen is the unnecessary removal of their teeth. We do everything possible to ensure that the correct treatment is carried out for each individual patient.

Why Straight Teeth is More About just Appearances

We understand that having straight teeth is usually desired for visual appearances, and it is your right to be able to have the best, and most straight teeth as possible. It can be incredibly gratifying to see positive changes to your smile, and this can be a major confidence boost for many people.

Beyond the obvious benefit of having a straighter smile, there are a variety of health benefits to having a straight smile that should make the choice to opt for orthodontic treatment an easier one. Having properly aligned teeth can be an overall net benefit to your oral health.

Swollen, red, and inflamed gums can be the result of having improperly aligned teeth, and can be due to either overly crowded teeth or teeth that are spaced too far apart. By having teeth that are properly aligned, you will allow your gums to be more secure around your teeth. This can allow for your teeth that are adequately strengthened and are defended against periodontal disease.

By opting for Invisalign treatment, you will not only be receiving a more confident smile, but your overall oral health will improve. Your teeth and gums can say a lot about your overall health, as they are often the window into how well the rest of our body is fairing.

Tooth decay and gum disease are caused by bacteria, and can be a devastating development for the health of your mouth. If you do not sufficiently address these problems, they can grow and lead to bigger issues, such as bleeding gums, mouth sores, and even tooth loss. The American Dental Association has studied this problem extensively, and has found that poor dental health can eventually lead to much larger health issues, including pneumonia, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

These are very serious health issues that should not be taken lightly, and by taking good care of your oral health, you will reduce the chances of further health complications. Choosing to go with teeth straightening treatment will be a smart decision in the long run. It can reduce any difficulties you may be having with chewing, jaw pain, improper biting, and speaking. It can also lessen the need for intensive oral cleaning, as straighter teeth will be easier to clean, and will lead to a mouth that is much healthier as a result.

If you are interested in finding out more information regarding Invisalign treatments or have any questions regarding orthodontic services, contact Prentice Orthodontics and one of our smiling associates will be happy to assist you. We look forward to serving you and providing the best care for your teeth in the new year.

Issues You Should Be Aware of as an Adult When Visiting Your Orthodontist in Thornton

January 17, 2018

The number of adults seeking treatment from their orthodontist has risen tremendously within the last ten years. Between the years of 2010 and 2012, American and Canadian orthodontists saw a 14 percent rise in the number of adults seeking treatment, according to a study by the American Association of Orthodontists survey of AAO members. The number of adults receiving treatment from their local Thornton orthodontist has also risen in recent years. If you are an adult and are wondering if you should seek treatment from your orthodontist, there are a few things to be aware of.

Oral Ailments Affect Adults to a Greater Degree than Children

As the various types of orthodontic treatments have improved over the years, this has led to an increase in the number of adults seeking treatment, as it has made the process more accessible and less intimidating. If you are an adult that is seeking orthodontic treatment, there are a few key differences between adult and child orthodontic treatments.

First, adults are more likely to suffer from other oral ailments, such as gingivitis and marginal bone loss. Because adults bones are hard and no longer growing, it can make procedures a more sensitive process. Aging tissues also complicate the matter, as they can take a longer period of time to adapt and adjust to your teeth’s new position. Biomechanical limitation can make the process of realigning teeth a much more delicate process for adults as compared with children.

Tooth Extraction Issues

Adult individuals a more likely to have one or more teeth extracted due to cavities or other issues. This can present an added challenge for orthodontists, as they will have to be mindful of fillings when applying braces or other types of appliances. Sometimes, old extraction sites be can be problematic in terms of shifting teeth into their desired position. An orthodontist may need to adjust the treatment plan to take this into consideration.

These sections may be filled using prosthetic bone to allow for any teeth-straightening procedure to occur. In making any oral corrections, you will have to take into account that the adult bone will be less malleable than that of a growing bone.

Bite Correction Considerations

One of the main reasons why an adult seeks orthodontic treatment is to address a malocclusion, which is an incorrect bite. Often, there is not enough room in an adult’s mouth to completely correct an overbite without extracting one or more teeth. In this situation, an orthodontist may instead opt to focus on functionality instead of attempting to achieve the perfect bite.

That isn’t to suggest corrective procedures can’t have immense results in these cases, both in terms of functionality and teeth straightness, however it is important to be realistic about results. Even if you may be dealing with what is referred to as ‘perio-restorative’ issues, you can still expect to see a great deal of improvement from any orthodontic treatment.

Vulnerabilities as an Adult

Something to keep in mind if you are an adult seeking orthodontic treatment is that you will be more at risk for dealing with root resorption than children. Root resorption is when your body begins to reabsorb the root after treatment, which can leave your teeth without the necessary anchorage.

While rare, it is important to have your orthodontist assess you for this condition prior to treatment. Genetics and family history can be a major factor with root resorption, so it can be helpful to determine whether anyone in your family has suffered from this condition.

As a result, it is important to choose an orthodontist who is experienced and knowledgeable about these types of conditions. If you are an adult seeking orthodontic treatment, it is a good idea to speak with your orthodontist about this condition. The sooner your practitioner catches this condition, the better prepared you will be at remedying the situation. As an adult, you are also more at risk for temporomandibular disorder, which can develop after orthodontic treatment. Much like with root resorption, early detection is key to treating this disorder.

Psychosocial Factors

Adults that seek orthodontic treatment may deal with elevated levels of psychosocial factors. These issues include a heightened sense of treatment expectations, as adults are more likely to be their own advocate and ask a series of informed questions regarding the procedures. Older patients are also more likely to comply with the requests of practitioners, as they are the ones seeking treatment for themselves and not for their child. An adult will likely want a complete breakdown from their orthodontist about the options that are available to them, and will want to understand the cost-benefit analysis of the procedure.

Adults are also more likely to have discomfort with wearing appliances and may have a greater degree of self-awareness about any orthodontic procedure as a result. Fortunately, the advent of new technology and advances in the orthodontic field have lessened these concerns.

Advances in Treatment

Thankfully, there have been a great deal of advancements in regards to the types of orthodontic procedures available to adults. The advent of procedures such as Invisalign, braces for adults, have made the process of receiving corrections to your bite much more accessible to an older population.

Invisalign offers the same degree of teeth straightening and bite correction features as that of traditional braces, but without the invasive mouth appliance. Instead, you are able to remove the appliance when needed, and can rest easy knowing your oral appliance will not be on another person’s mind whenever you smile. The discreteness of Invisalign’s clear and removable appliance has made it much easier and less invasive to receive orthodontic treatment.

If you are interested in finding out more information regarding Invisalign treatments or have any questions regarding orthodontic services, contact Prentice Orthodontics and one of our smiling associates will be happy to assist you. We look forward to serving you and providing the best care for your teeth in the new year.

Broomfield Orthodontist Trends to Look for in 2018

January 4, 2018

The new year is upon us, and with it comes a collection of new Orthodontic trends that everyone in Broomfield needs to be aware of. There are a whole host of new processes to be aware of that have made the process of receiving orthodontic care a much more accessible and less invasive procedure. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the trends in Orthodontic procedures to be aware of with the start of the new year.

Discrete Procedures

The traditional notion of orthodontic procedures usually evokes the image of large amounts of wire and metal. The introduction of Invisalign procedures has turned the concept of braces on its head, as individuals can now receive the same corrective action without having to have metal hardware fixed to their teeth.

Invisalign aligners are essentially invisible, removable trays that fit in the mouth to gently and elegantly guide teeth to their desired position. They allow a person to receive the same level of care that traditional braces provide but without the intrusive mouthwear that accompanies it. Orthodontists are trending towards using Invisalign procedures more and more, as people see the value of straightening their smile without having to announce it to the world.

Improvements in Comfort

Recent developments in the orthodontic field have allowed practitioners the ability to deliver high quality oral adjustments without the pain of intrusive and uncomfortable procedures. Traditionally, braces have demanded a lot out of a person’s mouth, creating a higher level of discomfort regarding the implementation of such treatments.

By opting for Invisalign procedures, you are able to improve your smile without tearing your hair out in agony in the process. Invisalign aligners are made up of BPA-free plastic that are slick and very comfortable to wear. They give you the benefit of teeth-straightening, all while allowing you to avoid the irritation and invasiveness of braces.

An additional benefit of opting for an Invisalign procedure is that you have the option of removing the hardware whenever you want or need. Traditional braces are affixed to a person’s teeth, and remain in the place until the completion of the treatment. Invisalign gives you the advantage of being able to eat without having to adjust and intensively clean your device afterwards.

Increase in the Number of Adults Seeking Treatment

In the past, orthodontic treatments were typically thought of as a process that only children went through. The idea of braces on an adult seemed antithetical to adulthood itself, as it carried the image of adolescence. The rise of treatments such as Invisalign have contributed to a rise in the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatments. Between the years of 2010 and 2012, American and Canadian orthodontists saw a 14 percent rise in the number of adults seeking treatment, according to a study by the American Association of Orthodontists survey of AAO members.

There are a variety of reasons why adults are seeking more orthodontic services. Beyond the obvious improvements in the quality of treatment and options offered, adults are receiving more orthodontic treatments because they have the disposable income to improve their smile.

As services become more convenient, adults are seeing the value in improving their smile, as it is now a much more accessible process to go through. Adults that are re-entering the dating world are also seeking services as a way to improve their appearance to prospective suitors.

Invisalign procedures have made it much more accessible and approachable for adults to seek orthodontic treatment, as it provides a valuable service while also being incredibly discreet. A person no longer has to announce to the world that they are receiving orthodontic treatment. As a result, more adults are seeing the benefit of improving their smile.

Additionally, as the world becomes more image conscious due to the rise of social media, we can expect to see a continued increase in the number of adult individuals seeking orthodontic services, and this is no different for orthodontists in Broomfield.

Convenient Procedures and Devices

Going along with the idea that you can receive orthodontic treatment without having to sacrifice the appearance of your teeth, we can expect to see a rise in the number of convenient devices and procedures for people in 2018. Convenience isn’t something that is typically associated with orthodontic procedures, as it is a process that can seem invasive and a total inconvenience.

That is no longer the case with the rise in popularity of things such as Invisalign. The convenience of being able to remove your teeth straightening device is something that should continue to rise in popularity with the advent of the new year. The obvious benefit of being able to remove your device whenever you need will be apparent to anyone who is need of orthodontic treatment.

If you are going out on the town or have a special occasion to attend to, you can remove your Invisalign device for the evening and not have to worry about conversing with associates with the presence of braces or other orthodontic devices. Previously, orthodontic devices were often a burden and cumbersome. This is no longer the case with the popularity of Invisalign, and should be kept in mind whenever you are considering seeking teeth-straightening treatment.

In the past, seeking orthodontic procedures meant a total shift in regards to your oral care habits. Invisalign offers the same results without having to completely alter how you care for your teeth. This invisible device allows you to visit your orthodontist much less frequently than you would with traditional braces. On average, visits to the orthodontist are required about once every six weeks. It also doesn’t require additional flossing or maintenance, as the Invisalign device is very easy to clean by comparison.

If you are interested in finding out more information regarding Invisalign treatments or have any questions regarding orthodontic services, contact Prentice Orthodontics and one of our smiling associates will be happy to assist you. We look forward to serving you and providing the best care for your teeth in the new year.

How to Tell When it's Time to Take Your Child to an Orthodontist in Broomfield

December 20, 2017

It can be difficult for parents to know when their child is in need of orthodontic services. A child’s teeth can cause headaches for both the child and their parents, and it is important to stay informed about the appropriate times to bring your child to see your local orthodontist in Broomfield.

The American Association of Orthodontist suggests that parents bring their child to the orthodontist by age 7. Prior to the age of seven, a child may have orthodontic issues that need to be looked at, but the teeth are not developed enough to address them. It is important to have your child’s teeth looked at during the appropriate stage of development, which is why 7 years old is the recommended age level.

Orthodontic procedures are done to correct issues with crowded or crooked teeth as well as improperly positioned jaws. These are issues that can cause complications with how the teeth develop, and can create additional concerns if not properly addressed.

The benefits for orthodontic procedures are wide-ranging and include reducing the risk for tooth and gum disease, having a straighter smile, and solving issues with speaking or chewing, as well as having a sore jaw. Crooked teeth are not only an eyesore, but they can also lead to further oral health problems that require more serious attention.

The most frequent orthodontic issue people face is malocclusion, which means a person has a bad bite.  This can be due to a genetic problem, but can also result from thumb or finger sucking, abnormal swallowing, mouth-breathing, and poor dental hygiene. Issues such as injury, early or late loss of baby teeth, and baby defects can also contribute to orthodontic issues.

There are a variety of signs to look for regarding your child’s oral health, specifically issues relating to the bite that can indicate the need for orthodontic procedures. These can include having an overbite, which is when front teeth sit too far forward over the top of a person’s bottom teeth as well as having an underbite, where the lower teeth are too far forward. If your child’s teeth are crowded or have gaps or open spaces, this can indicate they are a candidate for orthodontic procedures.

Benefits of early treatment

As stated earlier, addressing teeth and jaw issues as early as possible is important factor to consider if you are thinking about whether orthodontic action is needed. The sooner a problem is corrected, the less likely your child will have complications to their teeth and jaw later in life. Younger people have the advantage of being able to heal faster and often with less pain than older adults. This is the saw reason dentists recommend having your wisdom teeth removed at an early age, as recovery time and pain tend to increase as the jaw ages.

It is essential to consult with your dentist and orthodontist about what best fits your child's needs. Some issues are can be addressed earlier in the development of your teeth, as particular procedures can be done while baby teeth are present. Depending on the condition of your child’s teeth, an orthodontist may recommend they receive treatment upon all of their baby teeth falling out. Even if your child does not require any type of procedure, a visit to your local Broomfield orthodontist can be a beneficial. A visit can serve your child’s dental health well, as problems can be detected early on. It is always best to detect issues at an early on-set, as the total treatment time can increase the longer an issue is left untreated.

No mouth is the same, and as a result it no treatment plan will likely be the same. Prentice Orthodontics is happy to discuss these options with you, and are driven to deliver a personalized plan that efficiently meets your treatment needs.

Common Corrective Procedures

If your child requires an orthodontic procedure, it is important to be aware of the various procedures that exist. The most widely known orthodontic procedure is when braces are required. These are fixed appliances consisting of metal wires, brackets, and bands that are attached to a patient’s teeth. Bands are used as anchors to the teeth, while the brackets are typically bonded to the front of the teeth. Arch wires work their way through the bands and are connected to the bands. These wires can be tightened and adjusted, as needed, and by doing so they slowly move the teeth into the desired and correct position.

Prentice Orthodontics offers a variety of solutions for your child if they require braces, and we are happy to speak with you regarding your options.

Another common procedure is when a special fixed appliance is needed to remediate a particular issue, such as thumb-sucking. Bands can be attached to the teeth, and certain models can make eating an uncomfortable chore, which means they should only be utilized as a last resort.

Your child may require an appliance that is not fixed, which means the device can be removed as needed. An aligners is one such device, which is used to straighten and correct teeth without the need for metal braces and wires. This is an option that is available to teenagers and adults. Lip and cheek bumpers are another removable device used in the treatment process. The cheek and lips can sometimes exert excessive pressure on teeth, and bumpers are used to alleviate this pressure.

Another common removable device is a retainer. These are worn on the roof of the mouth as a way to ensure that teeth don’t shift back to their original position, and are usually given after a corrective procedure, such as braces, are complete.

Prior to receiving treatment, it is important of become aware of what procedures may be required for your child’s unique situation. If you are in the areas of Broomfield, Lafayette, Superior, Erie, Brighton, Westminster, and Thornton and are in need of orthodontic services, call Prentice Orthodontics today at 303-468-7722, our experienced staff can answer questions regarding which services would be best for your child and set up an appointment.