Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early Treatment

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, your first orthodontic visit should happen by the age of seven, but any sign of orthodontics issues should prompt a visit immediately at a younger age. Starting treatment generally occurs after all permanent teeth begin to show themselves, sometimes early treatment is needed to avoid larger issues later. Early evaluation often provides us with insights to potential problems and allows for more effective treatment through the course of the patient’s care. Typically, intervention at an early stage can provide guidance throughout the treatment plan while preventing more serious issues.

For growth problems like protrusion of front teeth, jaw growth disproportion, or atypical bite or tooth decay, early treatment can help reduce the potential risks of trauma or major surgeries later in life. Dr. Prentice examines patient’s bite for any signs of over or underbite, crossbite, or overcrowding of teeth during regular evaluations and upon the patient’s first visit and evaluation.

What Are the Benefits of Early Treatment?

Once the initial consultation and evaluation is complete, Dr. Prentice conducts an examination of facial balance or any other indicating factors which would be orthodontically concerning. During this same evaluation, patients will also be checked for TMJ (temporomandibular joint) issues to address them as soon as possible.

Sometimes early treatment is not necessary for a better end result. Dr. Prentice fully evaluates each patient to ensure the recommended treatments are necessary and scheduled at the appropriate time for the treatment plan and end goal. If orthodontic intervention is not needed, Dr. Prentice will monitor progress over time and evaluate any new developments as they come to incorporate into your treatment plan. If early treatment is deemed necessary, our patients are made aware of the recommended time of treatment, what it entails, as well as the options available to help you give your child their most perfect and healthy smile.

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