Broomfield Orthodontics

Broomfield Orthodontics

For individuals needing orthodontic treatment in Broomfield, Prentice Orthodontics can address the needs of anyone, whether treatment is for children or adults. Read some of our patient testimonials to gain insights into some of our patient’s experiences. We focus on making sure all of our patients are comfortable with their treatment plan, including the process and elements of treatment, scheduling, and payment options and plans. 

Treatment Types and Services

At Prentice Orthodontics, we offer many different types of services to suit your orthodontic needs – from early treatment as a child, to clear aligners like Invisalign as an adult. For your child, it may seem unnecessary to visit your orthodontist before they are a teenager, but sometimes children’s orthodontic issues can be addressed at an earlier age to prevent some major problems as they get older. Early treatment is a great way to stay on top of orthodontic issues and provide treatment gradually, monitoring changes over time and improving the overall structure of the mouth and alignment of teeth. 

Adult Care

Many adults may not have considered using something like clear aligners as opposed to traditional braces to solve alignment issues, and this type of correction typically means less frequent visits to the orthodontist’s office and less time commitment due to the nature of the aligner’s cycles. Find out more and whether you might be a good candidate for Invisalign by contacting our office directly and requesting an appointment for your first visit. 

The First Visit and Treatment Plan

Get your treatment started with an orthodontist who truly values educating patients about the process and making you feel comfortable with each step we take. From the very beginning, Dr. Prentice conducts a thorough evaluation of your facial balance, tooth structure, as well as overall health concerns like bite and gum health. From the first visit to regular maintenance, Dr. Prentice helps to outline needs, requirements, and elements of the process to make sure you are fully prepared and engaged in your treatment. Begin with understanding different options and elements of treatment like the different types of braces available and the benefits of each. 

Ready to take the next step? Call or contact Prentice Orthodontics in Broomfield today to schedule your first visit or request your initial appointment. Our team is here to be your resource for orthodontic care, so please feel free to reach out with any questions!

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