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Orthodontist Broomfield: Benefits to Flossing

June 5, 2019

One of the most beneficial actions any individual can take in order to help maintain good quality oral hygiene involves flossing. Whether you have braces or not, flossing can serve to benefit an individual and their overall oral health. In fact, if you do have braces, flossing can help to eliminate tartar build up and foods from being stuck between your teeth or any brackets and wires. By creating a flossing routine - whether it be prior to brushing, after brushing, or following meals - flossing is one of the most beneficial habits an individual can adapt in order to keep their teeth in good shape. 

The question of if you should brush or floss first has been around for quite some time but the answer remains the same. No matter if you floss prior to brushing your teeth or following, the main focus is that individuals develop a consistent flossing routine and maintain their behavior over a significant time frame. While you will reap the benefits of flossing by establishing a long-term plan and maintaining the habit for a lifetime, the act itself doesn’t require much time on a day to day basis. By becoming familiarized with flossing and completing the task on this daily routine, individuals can begin to establish quality oral hygiene care. Especially for those persons who have to deal with braces and wires, getting quality and consistent oral care is essential and while brushing is important - flossing helps eliminate any plaque build up between the teeth and other areas where a brush cannot reach.

Good Oral Hygiene
Flossing consists of taking a short piece of thread and moving it between the tooth and gum, cleaning those hard to reach areas of the mouth. This act reaches those places where typical brushing cannot make an impact and eliminates the build up of excess food and other material between the teeth and gums. Regular cleaning helps to eliminate the need for any excess work but understanding the importance of quality oral hygiene prior to implementing a flossing schedule is also important.

Utilizing a preferred method of keeping your teeth clean is critical and flossing fits precisely into this category. Regardless of what other benefits come from flossing your teeth, knowing that you are helping to aid in the overall health of your oral hygiene should be just as important.

Fight Bad Breath
Choosing to floss regularly also offers the benefit of fighting bad breath, an unfortunate side effect of a bad diet or simply eating certain foods - it can also be a true medical condition. Essentially, a problem with multiple causes, bad breath symptoms can be combated with routine and regular oral care. Instead of worrying that you may be offending someone or making the wrong impression, ensure that you’re making a good first impression by continuing good oral healthcare habits - including flossing.

Prevents Gingivitis
Gingivitis is a gum disease that can and does affect numerous individuals. Caused by plaque build up in and around the gum line, left untreated it can lead to worsening conditions and permanent, irreversible damage. Fortunately, when detected in the early stages, nearly all of the side effects of gingivitis can be corrected through proper oral hygiene and routine visits to the dentist for care. 

The main cause of bleeding gums, repetitive flossing actually benefits your teeth and gums by strengthening them during the cleaning process. While the flossing may be a bit uncomfortable and unsettling at first, should you bleed, the noticeable results of establishing a routine and putting in the work to maintain quality oral health is fun to watch.

Heart Disease Prevention
While the same plaque that builds up on the teeth near the gum line may not be exactly the same that affects the blood stream, the correlation between heart disease and oral health is existent. As an overall health conscious individual, maintaining proper care in each area is important. 

Heart disease and stroke are two of the biggest causes of death for Americans. Given their recent rise in diagnosis and significant impact, knowing that a few minutes every day spent flossing can improve your statistics against these killers makes more than enough sense.

Eliminate Tartar Build Up
Another impact of regular flossing is to prevent tartar build up along the gum line and on teeth in general. This tartar needs to be professionally removed, even with regular brushing, indicating just how sticky and dangerous this substance can be if left unattended. For the same reason, using floss to help loosen the build up and present an opportunity for a break through during brushing can be helpful.

Any excess tartar that can be removed only serves to help aid in the overall oral health care process. Not only will this reduce the potential for cavities and other more significant issues, but it can especially help for those patients who are needing to navigate around the brackets and wires associated with braces.

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