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Orthodontist Broomfield: Five Tips for A Healthy Smile

May 9, 2019

A smile that can brighten a room is something people often notice first when coming into contact with another person. Face to face conversations are becoming increasingly more meaningful and no one should be worried about the impression he or she is making when first meeting new people. Whether you are going for a job interview, meeting potential business partners, clients, at a place of worship or giving a speech - there are fortunately many options that can assist in achieving the desired look for an individual.

Young or old, male or female - there is no age or gender restriction on receiving quality oral care to correct any potential issues. From crooked teeth to bite problems, much of the repair can be completed through professional care and fortunately, technological advances have been made that often it can be accomplished in the least restrictive manner.

Whether you have been fortunate to be born with a great smile, in the process of receiving quality oral care or contemplating the options available to you - there are a few steps that can aid in the process. Protecting a good smile or making sure you maintain one after receiving appropriate care should be given its due amount of consideration.

Following, you will find out what steps an individual can take in order to ensure their smile is one of which someone can be proud and put on display for all of the world to see.

Personal Hygiene
One of the first and most basic factors associated with good oral health is to make certain you are practicing proper hygiene. Daily brushing and flossing can limit the amount of impact plaque and other tartar build up has on your teeth.

Brushing your teeth twice a day is recommended by the American Dental Association and not only serves to help brighten your smile but also maintain a good personal hygiene plan. Just as you wash your body, wash the dishes, wash your clothes - teeth are no different. So get a head start on your personal health and maintain a solid brushing routine in order to keep your smile lasting.

Professional Care
Working hand-in-hand with your own personal care and at home brushing is the assistance of professional care. No matter the amount of brushing, flossing, and cleaning you perform at home will make up for the assistance of a dentist and dental hygienist. These individuals have been specially trained in order to help you with routine oral care. Performing cleanings, filling any possible cavities, and helping to spot any potential warning signs are why they are here to help.

Children should be introduced to the dentist at a young age, once their baby teeth begin to arrive. By letting a child become familiar with the dental process and work that will be completed during a visit - their familiarity and routine can begin to be established. However, if you have not been accurately keeping appointments with a dental professional, there is no wrong time to begin.

Two annual visits are recommended for all adults and children alike. These professional cleanings and checkups help to prevent any long-term issues and provide a jumpstart on correcting problems that may arise. Coupled with daily brushing, trips to the dentist are part of a quality oral health care plan.

Dietary Guidelines
Another factor that can assist in creating a solid smile is to watch the type of foods you are eating. Healthy foods are not only good for our bodies but oral care as well and can make an impact on your mouth. 

Refrain from eating too many sweets or sugar coated candies which can wear on tooth enamel and allow cavities to form. No matter your age, watching what you eat will help to build a healthy mouth and smile.

Drinks should also be taken into consideration, as soda can also cause oral issues in addition to certain beverages (i.e. coffee). The dark liquids make teeth vulnerable to stains after repeated use over a certain time period. 

Modifications and Aids
As stated, advances in the field of oral hygiene have allowed for most mouth and smile issues to be corrected without the need for surgery. Braces, retainers, and Invisalign methods all work to fix any crooked teeth or bite issues and have only improved their performances over time.

While there are many different types of braces, your orthodontist will work to ensure that you are receiving the proper care in the most desireable scenario. While there are various types specific to each medical condition, at times - depending on the the issue - patients can select which they prefer, often depending on if they prefer the braces to be visible or not.

Both lingual braces and Invisalign will not be immediately noticeable to the average person. Your smile will still shine through even while you receive care to correct the diagnosed issue.

Kick the Habit
Another component to keeping or maintaining a healthy smile also involves another overall health conscious decision. If you are a smoker or user of smokeless tobacco, then consider giving up the habit in order to enhance your oral health.

Both cause staining and can lead to other health issues extending beyond the mouth. Whether your attempting to obtain a bright, clean smile or hoping to keep one around, make sure that tobacco products are not being used. 

If you’re looking to establish a good oral healthcare plan, facing an oral issue, in need of a teeth straightening method, or looking to correct any potential bite problems, then let the highly trained experts at Prentice Orthodontics help today. Perhaps you have been referred to seek an orthodontist opinion upon request from the dentist and need help. If so, know that we are able to assist with any and all misalignment issues, while being the only elite Invisalign provider in the area. Whether you are a candidate for that or in need of traditional braces, our professionally trained staff serves to provide a wealth of knowledge while assisting you throughout the entire process and answering any other questions you may have. Serving Broomfield and the surrounding areas, our office can provide assistance with any of your oral needs, including answering any of your questions you may have about the care and procedures associated with all orthodontics. Contact us today or call 303-468-7722 to schedule your first appointment and get started.