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Orthodontist Broomfield and Other Dental Professionals Defined

April 10, 2019

Oral health is an important aspect for both outward appearances but also your own personal feelings and upkeep of your body. Issues created by ignoring the importance of your teeth and gums associated with regular cleaning and routine maintenance can create significant health issues and pain. Just as important as overall hygiene, oral hygiene needs to be given the same amount of consideration.

By choosing to focus on your oral health, especially from a young age, good habits are created and can be carried forward into adulthood. While some factors may lead to less responsive behaviors as a child, it is never too late for correcting any potential issues, regardless of their progression, with proper care and medical treatment.

Faced with any such issues, it is important to understand the differences among titles associated with those who are responsible for assisting the public with their oral health. Each plays an important role within the process and often clients need to see more than one type of doctor to reach a solution. Following is a look at a few of these medical professionals and their particular roles in the realm of dental hygiene.


Understanding what an orthodontist is begins with knowing they are all dentist, but have completed further education as a specialist in a particular area and therefore, not all dentist will be orthodontist. Upon completion of dental school, post college, another degree must be earned from orthodontic school. These individuals not only understand the importance of oral hygiene and practices but also assist with other facial and teeth factors.

Most commonly associated with dental alignment and straightening or other factors caused by either teeth grinding or chewing, these medical experts see a variety of different factors from many different patients. They then develop a plan, specific to each patient, for treating the factors observed and follow through with the execution and upkeep throughout the entire process.

One of the most common issues involves the application and administration of a teeth straightening mechanisms - either braces or Invisalign. Treating both adolescents and adults, orthodontist can help anyone who is looking to achieve better overall oral health and potentially correct any misalignment or other structural issues.


Dentist are also medical professionals and doctors of oral health who have completed both college and dental school. Responsible more for regular maintenance and oral health, the dentist’s role is to diagnose any potential issues and possibly treat the concern, if qualified.

There are varying associations of dentist and focal points for them to choose from. Just as with other medical professionals or doctors who treat adults versus children, the same applies in the world of oral health. Pediatric dentist are responsible for kids through adolescents and have completed a special course of study with a focus in younger development.

Extending beyond the upkeep of a patient's teeth and gums, dentist must also check for any abnormalities that may have developed in the surrounding areas. A comprehensive oral examine will also include checking the tongue, and feeling of the neck for gland inflammation or any other irregularities that could be detected.

Dental Hygienist

Working closely with the dentist, a dental hygienist often completes cleaning procedures and is responsible for many of the screening procedures that may lead to the detection of other issues. These medical professionals may not be doctors but are required to complete more coursework beyond college and can become registered when the appropriate education and training requirements have been met.

While these individuals typically complete regular routine maintenance on clients during office visits, they are often under the supervision of the dentist within the practice and will assist only with any repairs or filling work that is required.

For these procedures, the hygienist serves as an assistant to the dentist - depending on the issue at hand and amount of work to be completed. Inside many practices, there will be multiple hygienist under the supervision of a single dentist.

Oral Surgeon

Oral surgery is a broad area and another level of education and commitment from those wishing to attain such a degree. These medical professionals are responsible for completing tasks such as, teeth extractions, jaw surgery, or dental implants.

Depending on the severity of the issue, these medical professionals often serve to complete such practices in their own offices as opposed to how surgery is typically viewed - associated with emergency rooms and hospital stays. Oral events are typically far less invasive and can be conducted in other settings.

Used to correct severe issues, often many of the aforementioned medical professionals are involved before a patient reaches the surgery component. A familiar chain of events would be to have an issued detected by a hygienist, referred to a dentist, who then asks for the advice and professional opinions of an orthodontist, who may make the determination that surgery is the only option. In cases such as this, all oral healthcare professionals will have played a role in assuring the patient receives proper care and what they need in order to correct the issue at hand.

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