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Broomfield Invisalign: Is It the Right Choice for Me?

March 27, 2019

Confidence is an extremely important factor and far too many people experience a bit of self doubt due to the state of their teeth and smile. Gaining the ability to smile confidently and not worry about others perception or feel you have to hide your teeth, can be a blessing and fortunately there are multiple options and ways orthodontists can assist people who may fall into these unique categories. 

Some others may not be as self conscious but instead just want to correct the issue at hand confidently and quickly through one of the many available methods. A growing action across the dental industry is the Invisalign process, which can assist in creating a beautiful smile without any of the hardware associated with braces. Although a historically proven method, brackets and wires can sometimes create other issues and knowing they can be avoided altogether may ease an individual’s mind.

Following is a look at the Invisalign process and other factors to assist in determining what steps you want to take in order to secure a bright, healthy, and lasting smile.

Crooked teeth and many of the other dental issues affecting an individual’s smile don’t just target teenagers. Often, adults too may have some type of issue that needs to be addressed and can be corrected by the administration of some aligner (braces or Invisalign). Gone are the days where only teens are associated with having braces as many adults too elect for a pair in order to fix whatever issue they may be dealing with. 

Fortunately, Invisalign - although often thought of as an adult only solution - can also assist in helping to shape and shift your teeth, regardless of age. Both teens and adults alike can benefit from this unique system regardless of their current age. 

From young adults to those who are mature and full grown, the Invisalign system has been developed to take care of each and every person needing or wanting to correct issues with their current smiles.

Once you’ve realized the impact an Invisalign process can have and that it is extremely beneficial, able to be used to correct most oral issues involved with straightening, or over-under bite problems, then what is the next step? It involves talking to your dentist or a reputable orthodontist and ensuring they are a provider and can meet all of your needs throughout the treatment process.

Afterwards, setting up a consultation to examine the issues at hand and allowing the orthodontist to understand what exactly the issues are and a desire for the results can go a long way in comprehending the entire procedure.

Measurements will need to be taken and a proper fitting analyzed in order to design the appropriate steps and goals, which can be achieved over a certain amount of time. Once all of these qualifying characteristics are complete, then an exact timeline can be configured so that everyone is on the same page moving forward.

How Invisalign works is unique yet specific to each and every individual. The process is essentially a clear set of braces that are much less intrusive and can be removed when needed. Without the metal brackets and wires, these specially designed mouthpieces work to shape and move your teeth in order to correct the desired issues throughout the entirety of the treatment process. 

Essentially after getting measured and having the aligner trays developed, patients simply wear their mouthpiece for much of the day and night while it works painlessly, yet effectively over time. For both teens and adults alike, this treatment process is identical and can be followed with a commitment to create your desired smile. In both instances, wearing the aligners doesn’t interfere at all with your everyday life. Whether it be for sports, foods, or anything in between, nothing can slow you down while you are a patient being treated.

Typically both the Invisalign process and having to wear braces will last for similar time periods and the Invisalign cost is also comparable. For most minor issues in need of correcting, the choice comes down to cosmetic appreciation or dependability. Once braces are administered, they are worn all day, every day always working to correct the specified issue. Opposite, Invisalign will require the patient to comply with the associated plan in order to achieve the desired results. He or she must be willing to wear the mouthpiece and change it when needed.

After approximately 12 to 18 months, the planned results should be apparent. While many will notice a change much sooner, as the aligners have to be changed accordingly, the end result is a beautiful smile of which anyone would be proud.

The entire process gradually shifts your teeth into place or works to correct any bite issues while you are wearing the aligner. Often, these mouthpieces go unnoticed to anyone in the outside world as your teeth gradually move back into place. 

Once your desired smile has been achieved any post procedure necessities are rarely different than the same actions associated with braces. At times a retainer is needed, following both procedures, in order to keep your teeth or bite issues permanently corrected. 

If you’re not pleased with what you see when looking into the mirror, just imagine and know that your desired results can be attained in just over one calendar year. Looking back, it could be one of the best decisions that you ever make.

If you’re in the market for a straightening method or to correct any bite issues, then let the highly trained experts at Prentice Orthodontics help today. The only elite Invisalign provider in the area, our professionally trained staff provides a wealth of knowledge and can assist you throughout the process while answering any other questions you may have. Serving Broomfield and the surrounding areas, our office can provide assistance with any of your oral needs, including answering any of your questions you may have about the care and procedures associated with all orthodontics. Contact us today or call 303-468-7722 to schedule your first appointment and get started.