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Preparing to Remove Braces for Teens in Broomfield

February 27, 2019

For many teens, they have been looking forward to having their braces removed for a long time! As with any appointment, being prepared will help make for an efficient visit. It will also help teens after braces are removed maintain good habits. When it comes to braces for teens in Broomfield, gearing up for the big day is easy. Use these tips to get ready. 

Duration Teens Need to Wear Braces

Each person is different. Teenagers typically will need to wear braces for one to two years depending on the plan provided by your orthodontist. In some cases, they may need to be on a little longer, up to 30 months, to accomplish various goals. All is normal and whatever plan is provided is essential to achieve premier results. 

While the braces are on, teens should maintain healthy habits and dental routines. Top ways teens can care for their braces and oral health include: 

Avoid hard or sticky foods that can break or damage brackets including gum, hard candy, apples, carrots, corn on the cob, chewy proteins, nuts, pretzels, and more
Brush your teeth after each meal, ideally using an electric toothbrush to help remove any food or debris
Learn how to floss with braces and floss daily
Use fluoride toothpaste to help strengthen enamel
Wear a mouthguard while playing sports to reduce or eliminate risk of injury to the mouth or brackets
For pain, use orthodontic wax to reduce friction of brackets on the gums and use an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen to help with any pain

Preparing Good Post-Braces Habits

As you or your teens prepares for the big removal day, it is important to continue healthy habits to ensure all of the hard work pays off. 

Brush daily, ideally continuing to use a soft-bristled electric toothbrush to remove plaque and build-up
Floss daily
Wear and clean your retainer as instructed by the orthodontist
Consider mouthwash to help remove any other bacteria in the mouth
Ask your orthodontist about teeth whitening after your braces if you feel you want it

What to Expect on Removal Day

Your orthodontist will prepare you in the weeks and months ahead of your final orthodontic visit. In most cases, your removal date will stay on schedule. There is a slight chance that teeth may move, and an additional month is needed—so if that happens, do not be discouraged. 

On the day the braces come off, the process will take about an hour, depending on any additional work your orthodontist would like to do. The orthodontist will use a special set of pliers that will not damage the teeth to remove them. With a gentle motion, it will loosen then remove each bracket. Don’t worry, the process will not be painful. 

Once the brackets are removed, the orthodontist will then use tools to remove any glue off your teeth. If you have not taken as great of care of your teeth, you can discuss with your orthodontist whitening services.  

Once your braces are removed, you may notice calluses on the inside of your mouth where the brackets used to touch. While there can be a little bit of soreness, you do not need to worry about pain. 

Getting a Retainer

During your final orthodontic visit, you will have a mold taken of your teeth to get the exact shape of your mouth. This will be used to create your retainer. Your orthodontist will explain to you what type of retainer is best, whether it is a removable version or one that is fixed on the back of the teeth. 

The retainer is crucial to maintaining all of the work that was done with braces. On average, it may be recommended to wear your retainer overnight or longer. This will keep all of your teeth in place by keeping the muscles in your mouth in line. 

While your orthodontist will walk you through everything you need to know. This is the perfect time to ask any questions. There is no such thing as a bad question—be sure to ask anything you would like to know. 

Even when you wear your retainer regularly, your teeth may move slightly. This is normal. You can always talk to your orthodontist to ensure your post-braces plan is on-schedule. They can assist you with anything throughout the process. 

Caring for your Retainer

In addition to caring for your teeth, you need to give proper care to your retainer. Some key tips to keep in mind include: 

Do not allow your retainer to get too hot as heat can change the shape of the retainer. Instead, use lukewarm water. 
To clean your retainer, let them sit in denture cleaning solution. Avoid any harsh chemicals or toothpaste that will damage the plastic of the retainer. If you feel the need for something stronger, talk to your orthodontist to see if soaking your retainer in mouthwash will be fine. 
Clean your case daily. Over time, bacteria that builds up on the retainer can spread in its case. This bacterium can lead to infection or worse. 
Store your retainer away from danger. This includes pets, children or high-traffic areas. 
If your retainer becomes damaged, get with your orthodontist on repairing or replacing it. 

Follow-Ups with Your Orthodontist

Your orthodontist will work with you to create a schedule on when you need to come back for follow-up visits. For some, it may be monthly. Others could be longer between visits. This will help the orthodontist review that your post-braces plan is on track. The orthodontist will also check your retainer to ensure it is in good shape. Use these visits to share with the orthodontist anything you have noticed since your braces have been removed. 

Getting your braces off is an exciting time. To help you or your child achieve your goals, work with Prentice Orthodontics. For the perfect smile, braces in Broomfield with Prentice Orthodontics will help you accomplish your goals. Schedule your free consultation today at 303-468-7722 or request an appointment