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Orthodontist in Erie Explains How to Get Kids Excited About Braces

November 8, 2017

Kids may not be happy to hear that they need braces to correct an issue with their teeth or jaw. But, there’s no reason for them to get upset over having to wear braces. In fact, there are plenty of reasons for your child to be excited about wearing them! If braces have been recommended by an orthodontist in Erie, here’s how to get your child excited about the idea:

Focus on the Outcome

Instead of focusing on the fact that your child has to wear braces, shift the conversation to focus on the outcome of wearing braces. Help your child understand that they will only have to wear braces for a few years, but the results will last forever. By helping them see this, they will start to understand that wearing braces is a small price to pay for a beautiful smile that they will get to wear for the rest of their lives.

Show Them Pictures

Did you wear braces when you were younger? Find photos of yourself during this time so you can show your child that you’ve been in their shoes before. You should also research which of your child’s favorite celebrities wore braces when they were kids so you can find pictures of them online. It may even be a good idea to pin the photos on a mood board and display it somewhere in the house where your child will be able to see it everyday. Showing your child these photos will help them understand how common braces are. This will make them feel less alone and more comfortable accepting the fact that they need to wear braces. It will also allow them to see the incredible results that can be achieved by wearing braces, which should get them excited.

Let Them Customize the Braces

Is your child getting traditional metal braces? If so, let him choose the colors of his braces. For many kids, getting to customize the way their braces look is enough to get them excited about wearing them. Give him suggestions, such as his favorite sports team’s colors, but let him make the final decision. Make sure you mention to your child that the colors can be changed every time he goes for a check-up. This will give kids something to continue to look forward to so their excitement about wearing braces doesn’t wane over time.

Reward Them

Another way to get your child excited about wearing braces is by offering to reward him if he takes good care of the braces. For example, tell your child that you will take him to the movies or an amusement park after every trip to the orthodontist. But, he can only earn this reward if the orthodontist says that he has been taking good care of his braces. Knowing that there is a chance to earn these rewards will not only excite your child, but it will also motivate him to take good care of his teeth.

Go Grocery Shopping

Some foods will be off-limits for your child once he has braces, including popcorn, nuts, and chewy caramels. If your child loves these foods, learning that he can’t eat them while he has braces may be disappointing. To lift his spirits, take him grocery shopping so he can pick out foods that he can eat with braces. Doing this will show him that although there are some foods that are off-limits with braces, there are many more that are perfectly fine to eat. Learn what you can and can’t eat with braces.

Throw A Pre-Braces Party

Before your child begins treatment, throw a small party with his closest friends and serve all of the foods that he will no longer be able to enjoy once he has braces. This is a great way for your child to enjoy sticky, crunchy, and chewy foods for the last time. Since all of his friends will be there to celebrate, he will also understand that no one will make fun of him or stop being friends with him simply because he has braces. This will give him confidence and make him feel more excited about the idea of straightening his teeth with braces.

Buy A New Toothbrush

It’s important for your child to take care of his teeth while he is wearing braces, so now is a good time to purchase a new electronic toothbrush. Younger children are often fascinated by the buzzing noises and spinning parts of an electronic toothbrush, so buying them one may get them excited to wear braces. Plus, many electronic toothbrushes have fun designs or colors on them, so kids may be able to find one with their favorite superhero or cartoon character. Make a pit stop on the way home from the orthodontist to buy a new toothbrush so your child can start getting excited about his braces.

Find A Friend

Talk to your child’s teacher to find out if anyone else in his class has braces or has had them in the past. If so, reach out to this child’s parents to arrange a play date with your child. This gives your child the opportunity to see that he will not be the only one in his class with braces, so there’s no reason to feel scared or self-conscious. His classmate can also reassure him that braces aren’t painful or uncomfortable, which may be another reason why your child is not looking forward to wearing them. If no one in your child’s class has experience with braces, ask the orthodontist if he knows of anyone around your child’s age.

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