Adult Treatment

Adult Treatment

Age knows no bounds when it comes to your smile - and braces are not just for children or teenagers anymore. Consider taking the steps to creating your perfect smile and feel confident in your appearance while maintaining the health of your mouth and smile overall. As long as you keep your mouth healthy, including your gums and bone structure, correcting your teeth and perfecting your smile can happen any time.

Improve Overall Health

An incorrect bite or having teeth out of place can dramatically increase the chances of tooth decay and major problems which involve your gums and tooth health. When your bite is not correct, you will gradually find shifts and new issues will arise, including TMJ, headaches, and more. 

Appealing Alternatives to Traditional Braces

One of the most appealing advancements in orthodontia is the use of Invisalign® clear aligners or using translucent ceramic braces for adult smile correction. More recent technological advancements make braces or aligners more comfortable which reduces the number of visits to your orthodontist and the time for care. 

Full Patient Evaluation and Treatment Plan

Dr. Prentice performs a thorough examination of every patient including checking for facial balance and any other orthodontic needs you have - which also includes TMJ evaluation (temporomandibular joint). After completing her initial evaluation, Dr. Prentice will provide a plan for treatment, including pricing, time needed, and individual treatment elements to help you acheive the smile you deserve.

Many adults did not receive proper orthodontic care during their adolescence, and a large percentage of our patients are adults. It is never too late to correct your smile and begin working toward a healthy mouth, so get started with Dr. Prentice today and start your own treatment plan.


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