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Adult Treatment

Age knows no bounds when it comes to your smile - and braces are not just for children or teenagers anymore. Consider taking the steps to creating your perfect smile and feel confident in your appearance while maintaining the health of your mouth and smile overall. As long as you keep your mouth healthy, including your gums and bone structure, correcting your teeth and perfecting your smile can happen any time.

Improve Overall Health

An incorrect bite or having teeth out of place can dramatically increase the chances of tooth decay and major problems which involve your gums and tooth health. When your bite is not correct, you will gradually find shifts and new issues will arise, including TMJ, headaches, and more. 

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Meet Your Orthodonist

Dr. Ricarda Prentice

D.D.S., M.S.

Dr. Ricarda Prentice has a special way of helping children and adults get excited about orthodontic care. After all, there are few things more pleasing than a beautiful, healthy smile. And with today's orthodontics, you can get a beautiful, straight smile in less time and with more comfort than ever before!

Dr. Prentice earned her doctorate from Creighton University. She practiced general dentistry for three years before returning to school to specialize in orthodontics. She completed her orthodontic residency at the University of Alberta, where she received a master's degree.

Dr. Prentice continues to study advanced orthodontics, including bite relationship and aesthetics, with some of North America's most respected clinical training programs. Despite her focus on excellent clinical care, she is best known for the way she spends time with each and every patient; getting to know you one-on-one.